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    • NATA coaching in Chennai at Tambaram
    • Near Tambaram Bus Stop
    • Near Ponnuswamy Hotel on G.S.T Road,
    • Seventh - Day Adventist Matriculation School,
    • No.249, G.S.T Road,
    • Kadapperi,Tambaram-West,
    • Chennai-600 045
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    • NATA coaching in Chennai at Saidapet
    • Near Saidapet Bus Stop
    • Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School,
    • No. 16(18), 3rd Cross Street,
    • West C.I.T Nagar,
    • Chennai - 600 015.
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    • NATA coaching in Chennai at Annanagar
    • Near Annanagar Bus Stop
    • Sri Krishnaswamy Matric. Hr. Sec. School,
    • No. 914, J Block, Vaighai Colony,
    • Anna Nagar West,
    • Chennai-600 040.
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    • NATA coaching in Chennai at Thiruvanmiyur
    • Near Thiruvanmiyur bus depot
    • Vishwadhara Complex, 3rd Floor
    • N0. 112, Thiruvallur Road,
    • Thiruvanmiyur,
    • Chennai - 600041
    • How to join the classes?
    • NATA coaching in Coimbatore - Gandipuram
    • Behind Gandhipuram Moffusil Bus stand,
    • 229A Sathyamoorthy Road,
    • First Floor - Above Andhra Bank,
    • Ramnagar,
    • Coimbatore - 641009.

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    • NATA coaching classes in Salem
    • St. John's Matriculation School,
    • New Fairlands,
    • Salem-636016
    • Contact : 91763 01689 / 98848 72837 / 91765 62187
    • NATA coaching classes in Madurai
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    • NATA coaching classes in Hyderabad
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    • NATA coaching classes in Trivandrum
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    • NATA coaching classes in Bangalore
    • Contact : 91763 01689
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Student Works
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  Download NATA Aesthetic sensitivity model sample paper with answers – 1   Download NATA Aesthetic sensitivity model sample paper with answers – 2
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Aptoinn provides the B.Arch aspirants with free download nata question papers. These nata sample papers actually helps the students to get a preface about the nata exam 2014 exam pattern .Its very essential for every student undergoing nata coaching to practice a minimum of 20 set of nata model papers before taking up their final nata exam. Though the nata sample paper free download is available at aptoinn, we are also proving the students with books for nata preparation which would add utmost support in nata exam preparation & the stepwise learning of the nata sketching. Each sample paper for Nata contains 03 questions, with 01 x 50 mark question & 02 x 25 mark questions which has to be completed within 02 hours of time. Hence every sample paper of nata listed here are the like collection of repeated sample questions that appear in nata exam every year.

NATA Sample papers - Sketching questions


1. Using cubes of different sizes create a sense of opening and steps with light and shades.
( 50 Marks)
2. Draw a logo 4 kabbadi game using rectangles,circles and triangles. Use only 3 colours.
(25 Marks)
3. Imagine that you r a worm moving in the vegetable market. sketch what u see.
(25 Marks)


1.Imagine that you are sitting in a merry go round. You are able to see some food stalls, Giant wheel etc. Draw that view from your creativity.
(50 Marks)
2. Divide a rectangle using straight lines,zigzag lines and colour it using 4 colours.
(25 Marks)
3. Using 4 parts of a luggage draw a composition on which the light falls from the left side.
(25 Marks)


1. Draw old fort in the ruins with effect of textures & natural effects.
(50 Marks)
2.Use curved lines and straight lines to make a 2d composition depicting a theme of 'confusion'.
(25 Marks)
3.Make a stable 3d composition using 4 earthen pots of any shape and size, show shadow and shading.
(25 Marks)

NATA Sample papers – Online Aesthetic sensitivity questions

Online Aesthetic sensitivity test sample questions with answers:

1. Identify the given image below?

(a) Auroville (Pondicherry)
(b) Golgumbas
(c) Toronto
(d) Sanchistupa

2.Count the no of surface in the given image ?

(a) 18
(c) 14

3.Identify the given material?

(a) Marble
(b) Granite
(c) Sandstone
(d) Kadapastone

4.Give the synonyms for LATENT

(a) scope       (b) Topile       (c)potential       (d)tenacious      

5.RED is what type of colour?

(a) cold       (b) warm       (c) neutral       (d)none of the above

6.Identify the given image below ?

(a) sun temple Gwalior
(b) sun temple konark
(c) sun temple modhera
(d) sun temple orrisa

7.Identify this building

(a) tajmahal
(b) redfort
(c) delhi railway station
(d) mumbai station

8. Give the full form of R.C.C

(a) reinforced cement concrete       (b) refined cement concrete       (c) rejoining cement concrete       (d)none of these

9. Identify the given image

(a) the palladian bridge
(b) worker’s club
(c) opera house
(d) the parthenon

10.Identify the mirror image of the following

(a)1       (b)2       (c)3       (d)4

11.If the problem fig opened, how does it looks ?

(a) 1       (b) 2       (c) 3       (d) 4

12.Identify the given building

(a) india gate
(b) gateway of india
(c) entrance of fort
(d)none of these

13.There are n points on a circle .the number of straight lines obtained by joining these is

(a) nC3       (b)nC2       (c)nC2-1       (d)nC1

14.Chandigarh city was designed by

(a)lecorbusier       (b)b.v.doshi       (c)louis khan       (d)Charles correa

15.Effile tower was designed by

(a) i.m.pie       (b) Frank gehry       (c) Waltergropius       (d)Gustave

16.Find the material for which the symbol belongs


17.Stonehenge is situated in which of the following countries?

(a) Great Britain       (b) Germany       (c) Australia       (d) Russia

18.What follows next


19.Identify the given material

(c)Cement tile
(d)Clay tile

20.Maulana abdul kalam azad was born in

(a) karachi       (b) mumbai       (c) mecca       (d) baghdad

21.Find odd one out

(a) a       (b) b       (c) c       (d) d

22.Find the type of arch

(a)ooge arch
(b)round arch
(c) two centred arch
(d)pointed arch

23.find the roof truss from the option given

(a) Truncated truss
(b) king truss
(c) queen truss
(d) fink truss

24.the architectural character of jantar mantar is

(a) astronomical unit       (b) scientific unit       (c) historical building       (d) palace

25.Concrete was invented by

(a)John paul       (b) John Smeaton       (c)louis khan       (d)charles correa

26.Brahadeeshwara temple is located at

(a)kanchipuram       (b)madurai       (c)gangai kondacholapuram       (d)Tanjavur

27.This plan of yours really ------- me!

(a)suits       (b)matches       (c)suffices       (d)fits

28.The material used in construction of red fort is

(a)Red sand stone       (b)brick       (c)marble       (d)terracota

29.identify the given building

(a)iit chennai
(b)iit banglore
(c)iit mumbai
(d)iit delhi

30.which city is famous for marble

(a)TamilNadu       (b)Kerala       (c)rajasthan       (d)gujarath

31.hawa mahal is also known as

(a)palace of sound       (b)palace of winds       (c)palace of water       (d)palace of beauty

32. Which colour is known as monochromatic colour

(a) green to blue       (b)Red to blue       (c)Black to white       (d)yellow to green

33.luminous value of colour when increases makes the colour

(a)light       (b)dark       (c)thick       (d)thin

34.find the series from the problem figure and answer figure

(a) a       (b) b       (c) c       (d) d       (e) e

35.count the no of rectangles from the figure given problem figure

(a) 11
(b) 12
(c) 13
(d) 09

36.bismillah khan is known for

(a)table player       (b)sarangi player       (c)flute player       (d)shehnai player

37.the number of real solutions of the equation |x|2-4|x|+3=0 is

(a)4       (b)2       (c)3       (d)1

38.this exercise was very difficult and I finally________

(a)left       (b)resigned       (c)departed       (d)gave up

39.identify the type of brick bonding shown in the problem figure.

(a) English bond
(b)flemish bond
(c)dutch bond
(d)american bond

40.what is the binding mixture used in brick

(a)cement       (b)sand       (c)clay or limestone       (d)mortar


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